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LMP supports development management, project management, and stakeholder representation activities in managing successful delivery and implementation of Commercial-off-the-shelf as well as customized solutions.

LMP focuses on understanding your vision and what the goals of your organization are to ensure that the solution provided meets your needs and best facilities your business plan.

LMP engages with its clients in correctly identifying business technology solutions that improve their daily business operations, program and project management and control as well as total portfolio management.

Our experienced team of experts facilities us in providing the best technology based solutions to meet our clients unique needs.  Some of our solutions are:

Program/Project Management Information Systems (PMIS)

The LMP team maintains a vast knowledge and experience in defining, developing, and deploying management information systems to improve overall program and project management monitoring, reporting, and document management.  Our approach is to engage with the team to quickly evaluate the current processes and integrated applications to provide a strategic plan identifying utilization of tools and availability of metrics and reporting of key performance and financial information as well as supporting required document management and controls.  We provide a complimentary suite of tools and services that assist programs/projects and management organizations in monitoring and reporting the overall health and viability of the entity.

LMPs team of expert’s works directly with the client team through the process of discovery, design, development, and deployment (the 4-D’s) to ensure the correct features and functionality are utilized to meet the overall requirements.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

LMP possesses knowledge and experience in the analysis, upgrade, implementation, and integration of ERP solutions and technologies across government and corporate organizations.  LMP assists in evaluating the current process and applications and provides recommendations and planning services to support ERP selection as well as implementation.

LMP works with our clients to develop and implement the correct ERP tools that will support the need whether that is the full suite of Human Resource, Financial, and Procurement solutions or just one.

Our team provides a full suite of services from planning – Project Management, Subject Matter Expert (SME) services, Development Support, Database Planning and Management, along with full integration and deployment support from the discovery process to deployment and on through day-to-day operations.

GIS Enhanced Modeling and Mapping

LMP assists clients with modeling and mapping their current environments to better facilitate planning and support initiatives.  Through the use of geospatial tools and information LMP supports business initiatives to incorporate location information for tracking, trending, and reporting needs to support reduction of costs of operation and logistics support.

Additionally, LMP utilizes geospatial tools to enhance overall program and project management tracking and reporting solutions.

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