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LMP provides all levels of support from advisory to full on-site teams to support planning and managing large and small scale technology projects, ranging from large scale companywide ERP implementations and upgrades to single organization system and application design, configuration and deployment.  Additionally, LMP provides the same level of support for non-technology focused projects which have some level type of technology based component to be delivered.

LMPs methodology for Program and Project Management is focused on helping companies and organizations, large and small, achieve their strategic business goals and objectives – through cost effective and technology efficient solutions.  This methodology helps to align IT initiatives to produce real and measurable business value.

LMP Project Management professionals follow a “Best Practice Project Management Methodology” which aligns worldwide standards for Project Management with proven project delivery methodologies.  LMP focuses on aligning Project Size with Project Complexity to achieve on-time and on-budget project delivery.

The LMP team is experienced in supporting all of the core project management areas:

  • Team/Personnel
  • Scope
  • Schedule
  • Cost/Budget (Project Controls)
  • Risk
  • Quality
  • Document
  • Procurement (Contract Management)
  • Communication

It is this vast knowledge and deep past experience that gives us the edge in committing to delivery successful project outcomes.

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