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LMP provides Program Management Consulting to help programs and companies understand their business processes and needs – to then assist in translating them into the correct technology solutions to facilitate cost savings and business growth.

LMP has over 20 years of knowledge and business skills to provide business consulting for almost all areas of general business management and organization.

LMPs methodology for Program Management is focused on helping companies and organizations, large and small, achieve their strategic business goals and objectives – through cost effective and technology efficient solutions.  This methodology helps to align IT initiatives to produce real and measurable business value.

LMP will work directly with your team to define and implement the most effective program management approach that facilitates efficient use of the initiation, planning, controlling, delivery, and closeout processes supporting successful delivery.  Our team will assist your organization in correctly prioritizing the organizations portfolio of business technologies, projects, and business objectives providing your team with increased alignment with organizational priorities.

LMPs program management services include Performance Management and Monitoring, and Document Management, and Financial Management.

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