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Line Management Professionals (LMP) is a Woman Owned Small Business that has over 18 years of Program and Project Management, and Business Consulting experience in analyzing, developing, implementing, and delivering technology based solutions to meet all types of business needs.

LMP has a proven track record in providing reliable and efficient business analysis and solution design, project planning and delivery as well as general business consulting to assist large and small business, federal and state agencies and corporate organizations and/or project teams identify and implement the best business tools and systems to help them achieve their overall mission and goals.

The goal of LMP is to ensure programs and projects are delivered as planned within schedule and budget.  Ensuring successful completion of tasks and achievement of the desired goals, facilitating the overall mission of the organization.    Our project professionals are skilled and maintain the correct competencies, processes, and knowledge to support delivery of quality results.

The LMP team has experience working in Transportation, Construction, and Engineering projects providing technology solutions; implementing ERP and commercial application development and implementing, System Analysis and Integrations as well as general project management oversight, support, and execution.

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